Friday, May 15, 2009

Torta Hunting In Tijuana - Carne Asada Tortas at Wash Mobile Tortas

Tortas Hunting

Ive been craving a torta (Mexican Sandwich) since Kirks (mmm-yoso) post on San Diegos Torta factory, I have not made it out to The Torta Factory yet but, I recently decided to do some torta hunting in Tijuana.

I had a few places on my Tijuana Torta hit list. Wash Mobile Tortas, Tortas Javier, Tortas Cubanas, and Tortas Ranchito. I had been to Wash Mobile Tortas, Tortas Ranchito, and Torta Cubanas many times in the past, but its been quite some time. Tortas Javier was a place my wife remembered as a child so we decided to check that out as well.

After eating a torta at all of the spots we both agreed the best of the day was Wash Mobile Tortas. Many years ago a car wash co-existed alongside Wash Mobile Tortas, the car wash is long gone but the tortas are still rocking after 45 years!

Was Mobile Tortas

First off the staff is very friendly, they kept us entertained while we sank our teeth into the messy goodness. The tortas start with some marinated pecho de res (beef brisket). The beef cuts are grilled over glowing hot mesquite coals adding a nice rich, smoky flavor.

Wash Mobile Tortas

The secret behind a good torta is the bread and Wash Mobiles is perfect. The bread is toasted a la plancha, on the griddle, alongside the carne asada. Nice and hot, toasted and crusty on the outside, and soft and doughy on the inside

Wash Mobile Tortas

Wash Mobile Tortas

The beef is then finely chopped and ready to be placed in the sandwich. Their spicy citrus marinade is quite unique and I could not detect all the ingredients. I tried but failed to get the secret.

Wash Mobile Tortas

Wash Mobile Tortas

Mayo is spread on the fresh toasted bread and the carne asada, tomatoes, crushed avocado, red onions, and salsa roja are added. You can dress the torta yourself or order it con-todo.

Wash Mobile Tortas

The final product was very good all the different flavors and textures balanced out perfectly. Part of a my enjoyment eating here is was mingling with the taqueros and locals, Wash Mobile totally represents the Tijuana Experience.If you want more detail on Wash Mobile Tortas I found a cool write-up here.


Wash Mobile is located on Calle Jalisco just west of boulevard Agua Caliente. The hours are from 830pm until they run out of bread (which is usually around 300pm). They serve only Carne Asada Tortas.

For late night Tortas I would recommend Tortas Ranchito. Tortas Ranchito was one of my regular late night spots years ago. Whats funny is this torta spot is also connected to a car wash.

Ranchito Tortas

I always get the Torta de Lomo (loin) at Ranchito. The execution of the torta at Ranchitos is very simple. Juicy lomo, soft warm bread, avocado, tomato, and a awesome house made chipotle.

Torta Lomo

Torta Ranchito is open 24hrs and is located off Calle Salinas right next to Pemex. Its a straight shot from the Grand Hotel de Tijuana. We also hit a Torta Cubana truck and a location on Calle Segunda I will post about in the future. Im sure thier are many great torta spots in the city, if you known of any drop me a line. Tortas Ahogadas, Pambazo,Cemitas. Etc.



Dennis K. said...

I'd take my car in more often for a wash if there was a torta place attached to it! They all look great.

cindi said...

tortas ranchito are my lomo favorite! a classic in Tijuana

KirkK said...

Hi MA - Torta's and a why don't they do that here! I'd end up washing my car at least weekly that way!

Masa Assassin said...

Hi cindi - yes I have enjoyed these for many years as a late night filling.

Hey Dennis/Kirk too funny, that would be awesome to get a torta at a carwash in San Diego. The only thing at my carwash is fro-yo

Tim S said...

Awesome post once again. I read a few things about this place on the internet and they all give it two thumbs up. Great pictures once again!

Cresencio Alexander said...

Delicious post. Don't know if you've ever been to Fresno, but there is a dive bar called the Red Wave Inn. I swear to anyone that they have the best Tortas ever! I live in North Cali now and haven't been able to find anything comparable. Anyway, if you ever find yourself in Fresno, get yourself to that bar.

Masa Assassin said...

Thanks for the tip Cresencio nice blog you have.

David Alton Dodd said...

If you don't feel like venturing out of Centro de Tijuana, try Tortas Chapultipec on the corner of Constitucion and Calle Sexta. They've been around for a long time, and while they might not have the character of some of the places you mention here, they aren't bad.