Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tacos El Poblano Tijuana - Carne Asada Perfection

I have my wife to thank for guiding me to some of my favorite spots in the Tijuana communities of La Mesa and Hipódromo. My wife grew up around the area and when we were dating back in the mid 90s she took me to all the local taquerias. I’ve always loved tacos but this is the period of time that my love was solidified. Recently we decided to go to some of our old favorites most notably Tacos El Poblano.

The owner of El Poblano hails from the small town of Chaucingo Puebla Mexico and established his business in Tijuana back in 1974. The original location was located a few blocks up the street and they upgraded to the new location in 1993. If you travel throughout Baja you may have noticed several different El Poblanos and Los Poblanos. They are all independently owned by different family members so I can only speak for the quality of this original location that started it all.

Tacos El Pablano - Tijuana

In a city brimming with taquerias what makes Tacos El Poblano worthy of your hard earned dollar? Over the course of 35 years they have perfected the process. They start with three different cuts of meat, pecho, lomo, and chuleta selected from the owners very own carniceria. The three choice cuts are then coated with a special blend of seasoning. I was fortunate enough to receive a generous amount of the seasoning from the nice owner to try at home. Anyone want to come over for carne asada at the house?

Tacos El Poblano Seasoning

Once seasoned together the blended cuts are grilled over open flames of crackling carbon.

Carne Adasa Grill Tacos El Pablano - Tijuana

The hot and juicy blended cuts are then placed on a wood block and chopped with a cleaver.

Carne Asada Tacos El Pablano - Tijuana

The carne is then nestled inside two griddled corn tortillas and topped with a very fresh salsa fresca and rich guacamole. The guacamole is very tasty and the perfect complement but I asked for no guacamole so the carne asada could be displayed in this photo.

Carne Asada Tacos El Pablano - Tijuana

Tacos El Poblano serves up some enticing carne asada tacos, and they are the main purpose I love this place. In addition to carne asada they also have adobada and birria. I have yet to try birria because it is only available in the mornings. If you looking for some crunchy texture you can order a tostadita which basically is a mini tostada with your choice of topping.

Adobada Tacos El Pablano - Tijuana

Tacos El Poblano is located at 7813 Boulevard Diaz Ordaz in the Tijuana community of La Mesa. If you’re unfamiliar with the city of Tijuana its about a 20 min Taxi ride from the border and well worth it. Those of you from San Diego will be pleased to know the owner plans to expand his operation into San Diego stay tuned.


KirkK said...

"Anyone want to come over for carne asada at the house?" he-he-he...count me in!

Dennis K. said...

If they ever expand to SD I'd volunteer to take a crack at doing some art for their menu. It'd be fun!

Anonymous said...

I cant wait for the san diego location to will be a hit !!! awesome tacos I really enjoyed them.

Anonymous said...

oooo.... you make me miss Southern California (formerly lived in Pomona, CA) and it's tremendous selection of Mexican food. I'm just so thankful to live a few blocks from Spanish Harlem's "little Mexico" where I can chow down on tacos de lengua y mango con limón y chile. That is when I'm not cooking. Thanks for the wonderful posts!

Masa Assassin said...

Hi Kirk yeah we definitely need to hook up before summers over. :)

Hi Dennis... Yeah I'm hoping he will make it out here.

Hi CH... Glad you enjoyed them

Hi Gabrielaskitchen .... Thanks mmmmm tacos de lengua.

Nathan said...

My favorite Taco's are "al Pastor" and my favorite place in the SF Valley here in So Cal is called Daniels Taco's on Vineland (it's in North Hollywood)


I left you an award on my blog, you can pick it up if you'd like it's okay if you don't though since I know some bloggers don't do awards since it's time consuming or simply just don't like it on their blog which is perfectly fine :)

Masa Assassin said...

Hi Nathan, Im backlogged on writeups now but I will have a good al Pastor writeup coming soon stay tuned.

Bill said...

Good lord, taco orgy....