Sunday, August 9, 2009

El Laguito - Ensenadas Valle De Guadalupe Seasonal Restaurants Part 1

On the Fourth of July weekend my family and I were looking for a place to relax and avoid the crowds. The tranquility of Ensenadas wine country sounded like the perfect solution so we headed straight to the Valle de Guadalupe. If you have not been through the Valle de Guadalupe this year the road is now nicely paved all the way through.

If your planning a trip to Ensenada during the summer months be sure not to miss one of the great seasonal restaurants open for business. The standouts are Benito Molinas Silvestre and Jair Tellez El Laguito. El Laguito (Little Lagoon) is located at Monte Xanic Winery. Prior to dining at Lauguito we stopped at the Monte Xanic tasting room to enjoy some of their great premium wines.

laguito sign

Monte Xanic

After a full round of tastings it was time to step outside and take in the view overlooking the sprawling vineyards, El Laguito is actually tucked away under the trees. Picnic tables are set up overlooking the lagoon and ducks roam freely around the park-like setting. Sipping on some Monte Xanic wine and gazing out to the lagoon provided the exact tranquil effect we were looking for.



El Laguito

We decided on a round of appetizers and the standout favorite of the afternoon would have to be the handmade sausage. Succulent juicy and grilled to perfection, the sausage is actually grilled using grapevine wood.

El Laguito grill

El Laguito

As a Pulpo (Octopus) lover the pulpo en escabeche has to be one of my favorite preparations

El Laguito

The menu features a variety of locally grown and produced food including pizzas, salads, steaks, and more. They have a drink called Agua del Lago that's infused with seven different herbs and is very refreshing don't miss it. El Laguito is open Saturdays and Sundays from 1200 to around 7pm and is located at Monte Xanic. You can click on the map below and enlarge it in Flickr. Monte Xanic is number 9 on the map.

Telephone 646 155 20 80



micaela said...

you're *killing* me man!

chucha said...

the sausages look so amazing!

Anonymous said...

that grape wood really set it off for me , that was some good eating !

Masa Assassin said...

sorry Micaela :P you need tp make it out here during the summer.

chucha the sausage was incredible.

hey bill you are the master of the grill, you should get a hold of some grape wood.

Je suis flâneur said...

How did you miss La Cava de Los Tigres?

brightlights said...

I think La Cava burned down years ago...

Kathleen said...

it's easy to miss La burned down years ago.