Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Baja California Dreaming

Last night I found myself tossing and turning thinking of some great dishes I had on Sunday. So what was the main subject of my dreams? A Tiradito De Pescado from Restaurante Manzanilla consisting of two things I love,Toro and Erizo (Fatty tuna belly and Sea Urchin). The light, sweet, and somewhat briny flavor of the Sea Urchin was a perfect complement to the rich, tender, and buttery Toro.Restaurante Manzanilla is one of my favorite spots in Baja and a full report is coming soon.

Toro & Uni at Manzanilla

Also from Restaurante Manzanilla some spectacular Japanese Kumomoto Oysters pulled from San Quentin. Delicate, plump, buttery perfection.

From my favorite street cart "La Guerrerense" I had some Guerrero Negro Callo(Scallops) dressed with chili, lime, sea salt, red onions, and cucumbers. This was amazing!

Guerro Negro Scallops from La Guerrense

Sweet Dreams


Anonymous said...

The tuna looks amazing! Tengo hambre!

Mike said...

Masa - just found your blog from your link on chowhound. I've enjoyed your posts there, and really look forward to reading your posts here!

Masa Assassin said...

AN- Gracias

Mike - Mike - Thanks so much I appreciate it. I should be updating weekly. I’m still tossing the idea back and forth on Including the San Diego Mex Scene.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post once again. should totally include the SD spots too! Good food is good food you know? Post it on here if its good ;-)

Jonathan said...

Wow. It all looks really good. I might have to take a trip with you across the border one of these days. It definitely looks like an entirely different experience then what we have in SD.

Masa Assassin said...

Tim S - Thanks, I'm seriously considering it

Johnathan - Yes indeed the experience is definitely unique to Baja

Mike said...

Masa - definitely include San Diego spots. The South-Of-Border stuff is fantastic, but there is a serious need for good posts on NOB stuff as well.