Friday, June 19, 2009

Ensenadas Coastal Oaxacan Restaurant Update

The Oaxacan restaurant at the Viento development has moved, the owners are now operating out of their beautiful coastal home not far from the old location. My family and I arrived their on a beautiful spring morning and the scenery was breathtaking. This is one of those places that has an immediate tranquil effect on me.


Along with the natural tranquility the hospitality of owners Laura and Chava is unmatched. The beautiful home is decorated with colorful Art collected through Lara and Chavas travels in Mexico.

Indoor Dining

Previously in the week I had contacted Laura and requested the Mole Negro Tamales we had enjoyed on a prior visit. You can read about the food in my previous post here

Tamal Oaxacan

We also had some simple quesadillas with Oaxacan cheese and epazote.

Epazote Quesadilla

Baby masa loves the chorizo here so we ordered a plate for her, and of course we had a to have a few samplings of it.


All and all a great experience, you really can’t beat the setting here, whether its enjoying breakfast with family or on an intimate dinner date. The house is located near the L.A Cetto Boutique off Ensenada Scenic Toll-Highway. If you would like the exact location Laura or Chava would be glad to help you, you may contact them at
(646)1747140 cell (646)1516364 Nextel 152*14*1374.

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