Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tacos El Poblano Chula Vista and some Ensenada News

Back in July I reported on Tacos El Poblano, arguably one of the best spots for Carne Asada Tacos in Tijuana. When I was talking with the owner he had mentioned he wanted to open a new place in Chula Vista/San Diego area, well he was true to his word and Tacos El Poblano is now open for Business in Chula Vista. I can’t wait to see how they stack up to their Tijuana counterpart. If you want to check it out yourself the address is on the ad below. You can read about the history of the original in Tijuana here…… . You can also check out a report on the Chula Vista location at my friend Kirks (mmm-yoso) awesome blog here....

Tacos El Poblano Now In Chula Vista

UltraMarino by Barra Azul Now Open
I had a chance to stop by Ensenada’s newest bar UltraMarino Bar a few weeks ago. I’m a big fan of their sister restaurant Barra Azul and was curious what menu options they would bring to their new Bar. Ultra Marino is a Bar first and foremost but I was pleased to see I could get my tempura battered oyster fix here. The presentation differs from the picture below(Taken at Barra Azul) but the taste is identical. They serve a wide variety of drinks including some interesting martini offerings that include oyster flavor.

Tempura Oysters

UltraMarino is Located at First and Ruiz.



Last month Jay (The Linkery Restaurant in San Diego) informed me about a new a restaurant on the coast of El Sauzal Ensenada called Gazuza. Gazuza is located at the same location the Oaxacan Restaurant at Viento was previously located. They actually moved it closer to the coast the scene is breathtaking. I hope to get back their soon and provided a full report. Thanks Jay.

Gazuza View


KirkK said...

Hey MA - Thanks for the mention. BTW, those tempura oysters look amazing.

KirkK said...

Hi MA - Sorry to butt in again, but the Missus and I visited El Poblano last night, and the Carne Asada was better than my previous three visits. The only difference was how busy the place was. So it seems that the busier they are, the quicker they go through the Carne Asada, the hotter and fresher everything is.

caninecologne said...

hi MA! i'm happy to see that Tacos El Poblano is in my neck of the woods! Thank goodness for the plethora of great taco shops in Chula Vista.

I think we're going to go to Mercado International 2000 tomorrow!

Masa Assassin said...

Hey Kirk you are always welcome, thanks for reporting back its great to hear that everytime you go it is getting better. The owner has is own Carniceria in TJ so I hope the are using the same source. I will be checking it out on Sunday.

Hi CC you are sooooo lucky Mexican Food is very limited in my area (56Corridor). Chula Vista is a hotbed for business owners from Tijuana with Tacos El Gordo starting the trend in the 90s. Mercado 2000 you are a tropper :) Have fun.

caninecologne said...

hi MA
we're going to go to mercado 2000 tomorrow after church instead. it's near seafood city anyways. it's worth the trip down! there is a tacos el gordo right in front of my old high school (used to be a taco bell)...

i'm going to make shrimp tacos tonight.

OMG, i thought the word ver was: penis

but it's: pents

ha ha!

Unknown said...

Hi MA, Gazuza Restaurant is now open, I hope you can visit us soon, to taste or food an fusion flavors.


Fabricio Palomino
Owner Chef

Unknown said...

We went to Ultramarina yesterday. They have a great selection of microbrews on tap and hand-made mojitos that were amazing. Great music and kick -back atmosphere, although we were told that the get very busy at night. We had steamed clams, raw oysters and the "straight shrimp" (similar to a ceviche, but all about the protein). Food was excellent, as was the service.