Thursday, February 11, 2010

Restaurante UNO Tijuana - Showcasing Baja California's Talented Young Chefs

********Closed********* This talented Chef is now at Corazon De Tierra in Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada After several months away from Tijuana what was one of the first places I couldn't wait to get back to? A restaurant in Gastronomic District? No not exactly, the very first place that came to mind was near the Agua Caliente Racetrack and it was none other than Restaurante UNO.

UNO Logo

My wife and I wanted a special, relaxing and intimate dining experience and UNO did not disappoint. Just like our first visit the service was exceptional.UNOs kitchen is run by two young and talented chefs Ricardo Hiroshi Uno and Diego Hernández. On this particular day Diego Hernández was at the helm.

During childhood visits to the markets in Toluca Mexico, Diego Hernández became fascinated by the colors and aromas of the food products. Diegos grandmother was a great cook and she was a key factor in sparking Diegos interest into the culinary world. At the young age of 18 Diego began to work with pioneering chef Benito Molina at Manzanilla Restaurant in Ensenada. Diegos time in Ensenada with Benito opened his eyes to the wonderful regional products of Baja California.

Fresh fish from Ensenada, salads from the garden, pork from ranches in Rosarito, beef from Hermosillo, wine from the Valle De Guadalupe, we could not decide on what to order so we asked Diego to showcase his talents and went for the Menu de Degustation. Degustation turned out to be an 8 course meal that represented all the best the region had to offer fused together with the chefs creative techniques.


A shot of Mexican amber beer with shrimp, clam, and mussels.

Uno Shot - Dark Beer, Shrimp, Clams, Mussels.


Smoked oysters

Baja Oysters


Pork Tocina with black habenero, crema, masa and avocado balls, on a bed of white beans.

Tocina- Pork On a bead of White Beans, Crema,


Chocolate Clam roasted habenero soup with smoked bread laced with lemongrass shavings.

Chocalate Clam Soup with Smoked Lemon Grass Bread


Arugula green bean salad with queso fresco

Arugula Green Bean Salad with queso Fresco


Jurel (Yellowtail) in a chile sauce of chile cascabel, peanuts, and sesame served with fresh vegetables.

 Yellowtail in Chili Casacabel Sesame Sauce


Lechon en Adobada with a puré of serrano and avocado, emulsion of corn and fried beans.

Lechon en Adobada, pure of serrano avocado, corn emulsion, and fried beans.

OCHO was actually a creme brulee I gobbled up so fast I didn't get to snap a picture.

So their you have it, another unique dining experience at Restaurante Uno. Everything that came out of the kitchen was a great pleasure of the senses but I must say, my favorite dish would have to be the Pork Tocina. Succulent pork with little corn masa balls are you kidding me? Everything about this worked like a symphony. The spice of the black habenero, complemented by sweet corn masa balls, cooled with fresh avocado and crema with the subtle white beans providing the canvas for the art.

Come experience the talent of the young chefs in Baja.

Av. de Las Ferias #5202, Col. del Bosque C.P. 22o34 Tijuana, B.C Mexico.
Reservations (664) 681.3203

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Anonymous said...

That looks incredible. I'm so used to eating your typical Mexican food (ie: rice, beans, tacos, mole, etc) that I never realized how elegant Mexican food can really be. Thanks for the review. I'll eventually make my way to TJ once again myself and try this place.

-Alfredo (

Masa Assassin said...

Thanks Alfredo, Yes Mexican food goes way beyond tacos, Its fascinating to discover what Mexican chefs and cooks are doing in various regions.

ed from yuma said...

Great to have you back blogging. Wow! What a meal.

Masa Assassin said...

Hey Ed Thanks its good to be back. Yes it was a great meal, a lot of people think Tijuana is just about tacos but their is so much beyond that.

Anonymous said...

I was just looking through this old blog post. Is this restaurant still open? The website, blog, and facebook page you link to are not running. Thanks!