Saturday, April 3, 2010

El Agave Gastro Bar - Mezcal for the Soul

Since first reporting about Ensenadas El Agave Gastro Bar back in October I've been anticipating expanding my knowledge in the world of premium Mezcals. I finally made it out to El Agave a few weeks ago and now It is time to profess my love for this fine spirit.

I remember my first introduction to Mezcal, I was probably in my early twenties bar hopping somewhere in Tijuana. I just remember some bottle with a worm inside that tasted like gasoline. Unfortunately most people are first introduced to a cheap, diluted, chemically altered, mass produced Mezcal,as I was.

The purity of true Mezcal has a distinctive soulful earthiness, floral undertones and elegant smoky qualities. As the gracious host "Chava" pulled down the obscure artisanal Mezcals from all over Oaxaca State, I noticed each had its own distinct character and purity.

El Agave Mezcal Bar

El Agave Gastro Bar - Ensenada

My notes became jaded after a few Mezcals, but I did manage to jot down Pierde Almas Mezcal as being one of the favorites of Ms. Masa and I. Pierde Almas is a double distilled spirit, primarily derived from three different species of agave, Espadin, Dobadaan, and the prized Tobala.

Pierde almas

As the Mezcals kept coming I was served some fresh botanas, the first was a simple house made guacamole spread on a tortilla.

El Agave Guac

If you follow my blog you no my love for stuffed chiles so when I looked at the board and noticed "Chiles de Agua" I just had to order it. Roasted Chiles de Agua stuffed with Oaxacan Cheese in a Black-Bean Purée. Spicy with herbal notes and the perfect accompaniment for my Mezcals.

Chile De Agua Oax

I was hoping to get some gusanos de maguey (which I love) but they were all out so I ordered some Chapulines, seasoned lemon and garlic roasted grasshoppers.

El Agave Chapulines and Mezcal

El Agave Chapulines

If you want to experience what an outstanding Mezcal and world-class spirit tastes like, check out El Agave Gastro bar. The owners Laura and Chava are super friendly and will be more then happy to give you a taste of Oaxaca. For more information you can visit my original post here.

El Agave Av. Ruiz #230-a (2nd and Ruiz)
Tel (646) 175-7467


KirkK said...

Looks fabulous MA! I had some "real" Mezcal a few years back, and couldn't believe how bad the stuff I had given up years ago was.

Sherry said...

Those chilies de agaua look great!! What kind of chilies are those??

Masa Assassin said...

Hi Kirk... Thanks yeah the difference between the low grade stuff and the premium artisan is huge.

Hi Sherry.. That is the actual name of the chile "Chile de agua" they are found in Southern Mexico, most often in Oaxaca, and are very piquant.

Anonymous said...

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drewska and Joben said...

So I was just outside of Ensenada about a month ago, and determined to find good mezcal. I had no such luck. My girlfriend and I loved the place though, and are planning on returning in a month or so, and I am so glad I stumbled on you site. Since I will be driving, I can only try a couple, so if you had to pick, what would you suggest?