Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Quick Day Trip In Tijuana

I'm out of state for the week but before I left I made sure I spent a few hours in Tijuana. Here is a little picture post.

Cabeza Tacos at La Chuleta Cento Tijuana
Tacos De Cabeza - La Chuleta Tijuana

Cerveza Tijuana Brewery
Cerveza Tijuana Brewery -TJ Beer

Cerveza Tijuana Beer Flight Sampler
Cerveza Tijuana Beer Flight

Mexican Microbrew from Beer Box Zona Rio Tijuana
Poe Beer - Beer Box Tijuana

Tacos De Costilla de Res Taninos Wine Bar Zona Rio Tijuana
Tacos de Costilla de res - Taninos Wine Bar Tijuana

Salsa for the Tacos de Costilla
Salsa For Tacos - Taninos Wine Bar Tijuana

Full write up on Beer Box Mexican Micro Brews to come...


Dennis K. said...

Hey MA glad to see you're alright from the quake!! I know you travel through Baja a lot. I've been swamped with things and forgot to comment. Anyway I'm curious of the la chuleta? Maybe I'll find out more on your next post.. :)

Sherry said...

Oh, how you make me wish we lived closer to the border! Everything looks so great, and your photos are fantastic. We live in Minnesota so I'll just have to keep reading your blogs and drooling. My husband is from Guadalajara and tells me how great the food is there, especially the torta ahogadas. Keep up the great work!

Masa Assassin said...

Hey Dennis yeah everything is OK thanks. We were in Baja two days after the quake and didn't notice much damage. La Chuleta is a place in downtown TJ that has some HUGE tacos.

Hi Sherry... Thanks so much, yes your hubby is right the food is great and I also love torta ahogadas. I'm going to have to post about those soon.

Unknown said...

Tacos make such a great dinner and I love that everyone can customize it to their tastes