Saturday, April 18, 2009

Villa Saverios Tijuana- A Touch of Tuscany

Craving some pasta on a beautiful spring day the family and I decided on a midday trek to one of our favorite fine dining destinations in Tijuana, Villa Saverios. Just a 10 minute ride from the border and located in what is known as Tijuana’s Gastronomic District, Villa Saverios has an extensive menu combining the culinary influences from Italy, France, Spain, and the Mediterranean with the best local seafood and ingredients Baja has to offer.

Villa Saverios

As we walked past some spring flowers outside Saverios, my Daughter picked a flower which turned out to be the perfect table centerpiece, creating an intresting color scheme with the crisp white linen table cloth and cherries.

Cherries in Spring - Villa Saverios Tijuana BC Mex

Meal service is formal and vigilant, with each table receiving the care of 3-4 friendly and knowledgeable staff members. Browsing through the extensive list of cold and hot appetizers, we decided on the Antipasto Saverios, a nice blend of prosciutto ham, Spanish chorizo, pecorino, manchego cheese, marinated olives, and Sicilian caponata. Note: Do not the miss the Mesquite grilled oysters when they are available.

Antipasto - Villa Saverios Tijuana BC Mex

After enjoying the appetizers we decided to order the Spaghetti frutti de mare a delicious dish consisting of shrimp, clams, baby octopus, mussels and calamari in a tomato and saffron sauce, drizzled with local extra virgin olive oil . I have never been disappointed with the exceptional pastas at Villa Saverios and this was no exception. The spaghetti was cooked to perfection and fused perfectly with the local Baja catch. We paired the spaghetti with a nice Nebbiolo from the Valle de Guadalupe.

Spaghetti frutti  de mare - Saverios Tijuana BC Mex

Not being able to decide on one dessert we opted for something new Saverios offers “Degustación de Postres” a sampling of blackberry tart, mocha éclair, mango and cheese, crème brûlée, and chocolate aztec cake. The chocolate aztec cake is a very interesting blend of Mexican chocolate infused with chili pasilla.

Degustacion de postres - Saverios Tijuana BC Mex

Villa Saverios also has a very nice bar area with great ambiance; the walls around the bar are adorned with local art. If you’re looking to throw a private party they have a huge banquet room upstairs and private wine cellar dining available. If you would like to learn more about Villa Saverios and Bajas gastronomic movement Gourmet Magazine wrote a detailed article back in March of 2007, the article also outlines most of the restaurants I have recently covered in Ensenada.

Private Dining Room and Wine Cellar -Saverios Tijuana BC Mex

Villa Saverios
Blvd. Sanchez Taboada
Esq. Escuadron 201
22320 Zona Rio Tijuana



Dennis K. said...

Beautiful pictures! The pasta with baby octopus looks especially fantastic..

Anonymous said...

I have to agree this place has the best Mesquite grilled oysters I have ever tasted !!!! great find Mr. Masa


Tim S said...

Im a huge fan of seafood and that pasta dish looks awesome! Nice pics and a great review!

CP said...

Great to know about this place is amazing to know that places like this are in tj so close to home

Masa Assassin said...

Dennis - Thanks I'm actually enjoying the photography more than writing.

CH - Saverios has been around for some time now and yes the Mesquite grilled oysters are fantastic.

Tim S - Thanks the pasta dish was excellent.

Cp - Thanks