Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Giant Oysters (Oyster Huaraches), La Guerrense Ensenada Representing, The Linkery San Diego Gourmet Mexi-Dogs, and News and Notes.

I didn’t realize how difficult it is to come up with post titles that summarize multiple topics. I’m trying to take a page out of local San Diego based uberblogger Kirk Ks book. Kirks blog mmm-yoso was actually one of the main inspirations for me to start this blogging madness.

I was first intrigued by Oyster Huaraches (Giant Oysters) based on discussion by friends and fellow Chowhounders streetgourmetla and kare raisu who were led to La Guerrerense by chef Benito Molino. Upon subsequent visits to La Guerrerense the giant oysters were not available; however the nice owner Sabina did promise she would deliver soon. On my most recent visit the oysters were finally available but nothing could have prepared me for the size of these things.

Giant Oysters (Oyster Huaraches) La Guerrense Ensenada

Giant Oysters (Oyster Huaraches) La Guerrense Ensenada

Giant Oysters (Oyster Huaraches) La Guerrense Ensenada

On another note La Guerrerense has received well deserved national media coverage. Sabina informed me that National Geographic recently filmed some extensive coverage of the cart; I will post up the coverage as soon as it’s available. Sometimes La Guerrerense proudly displays their past media coverage on the cart, I was happy to see my humble blog post on display amongst the media coverage.

Giant Oysters (Oyster Huaraches) La Guerrense Ensenada representing Masa Assassin

I was also pleasantly surprised by a post I read by The Linkery Restaurant in San Diego. The post referenced my write up on the history of Mexicos bacon wrapped Hot Dog and highlighted a possible special menu item. The Linkerys take on the Mexi-Dog , 100% pastured beef, wrapped in hand made bacon smoked over California Red Oak, and in a house baked semolina bun. Of course, as soon as I read about this tantalizing creation, I had to drive straight down to The Linkery and try one out myself(Thanks Jay good stuff).

The Linkery San Diego Mexi-Dog - 100% pastured beef, wrapped in hand made bacon smoked over California Red Oak

I’m still preparing to cover the San Diego Mexican Cuisine scene and also have decided to include coverage of Mexican Regional Cuisine from my kitchen. I’m no Chef but my wife is a great cook specializing in Mexican Regional Cuisine. Stay Tuned…...


alice said...

DANG! Those oysters are huge!!! When I see your pictures I wish I were there eating all those wonderful dishes. You live a blessed life my friend. I have street food/cart - local food stand envy.

Micaela said...

*sigh* I'm dreaming of beaches today and now, thanks to you!, I'm dreaming of eating some yummy La Guerrerense concoctions... and Manzanilla... and Muelle Tres...

Anonymous said...

OMG thanks for mentioning my cooking on your page! Where is my cactus pic? MP

KirkK said...

Thanks for the mention! My goodness.....those are huge! Are those radioactive? I guess I've watched too many Godzilla movies..... You threw me off with a midweek post! ;o)

Masa Assassin said...

Thanks Alice I envy the wonderful pictures you take, you make everything look great.

Micaela ahhhhh I dream of those things all the time also.

MP - I cant wait to show the Nopales

Kirk ha-ha they just might be radioactive. Mid week post, just trying to keep up with you :P

Jenny Cleary said...

Hey fellow yelper! I am finally back in the States and can't wait to use your masa expert knowledge in Mexico. If plans go through, I am finally heading out to Mexico this weekend!!! I really hope to do a stop here. I want that oyster in my mouth ASAP! hah

I like how we ventured off with our own blog. I added your blog to my blog too. Check it out at

Oh, my destination is San Felipe though. Have any recommendations? Would greatly appreciate it^^