Saturday, April 4, 2009

Carnitas Hermanos Ramirez Ensenada - Carnitas Estilo Guanajuato

My morning meals on the weekend typically consist of Birria, Pozole, or Menudo, and usually on my way to Ensenada I stop in South San Diego or Tijuana for my fix. Last weekend, having skipped an early breakfast, I rolled into Ensenada around 9:30am with my crew (wife and junior masa). As we passed the corner of 2nd and Riveroll the musky scent of carnitas cutting through the air was so inviting. The scent was coming from Carnitas Hermanos Ramirez, and we decided to stop and join the local crowd.

In Mexico no portion of the pig goes to waste, you can order anything from snout to tail and some of the prized parts move fast. As we approached the counter the wife ordered a surtido taco and I ordered a buche taco. Surtido is a mix of the different parts of the pig and Buche is pig esophagus . If you are unfamiliar with ordering carnitas in this fashion just point to the body part. If you’re unsure on what to order start with Maciza which is simply lean boneless meat.

The pork here has spent hours slowly simmering in lard inside a huge cazo transforming it into mouthwatering deep golden brown carnitas.

Carnitas in the Casco ready for tacos

After you have chosen your part, a friendly taquera will pull the pork from the cazo and proceed to carve with the expertise of a Master Butcher. The staff here is very friendly and knowledgeable.

Chopping the Carnitas


Pata - Pigs Feet
Pata - Pigsfeet

Once the taquera has placed the warm carnitas inside the tortilla it’s time to dress it. Hnos Ramirez offers an assortment of fresh salsas, onions, and cilantro to choose from.

Salsa and Chicharon

You can also take a piece of the complimentary Chicharrón (deep fried pork skin).

Chicharon for the taking

The Buche and Surtido we ordered were perfect, in fact it’s so hard for me to look at this without getting hungry. We ordered a few other varieties but they were consumed before I could snap a photo. :P

Carnitas Surtido -Mixed

Taco De Buche (Pork Jowl)

I had a chance to meet the friendly owner Alfonso Ramirez who stated he goes through about three cazos of pig a day. In 1998 Alfonso introduced the traditional cooking methods from his hometown of Salamanca Guanajuato Mexico to Ensenada.


Located at the corner of 2nd and Riveroll Hermanos Ramirez is open 7 days a week from 800am-4pm. Carnitas enthusiast will usually figure out when their favorite parts are available and order oreja(ears),trompa (snout), nana (uterus) or any variety of exotic combos. You can also order a kilo and make your own tacos. While I’m in Ensenada it’s usually all about eating the fresh local seafood, but now I have added some succulent carnitas into the rotation, it’s just too good to resist.

Carnitas Hermanos Ramirez


KirkK said...

Hey MA - Now that's a major meat-fest!

Anonymous said...

ahhh I love a good Carnitas Taco...a must try now .

the Hunter

Mike said...

That surtido taco is a thing of beauty!

Bill said...

That was awesome I want me some piggy meat now. If only I know which decent taco joint in SA,Tx is work the hassle.

chalamejor said...

Me encanta los tacos de surtido!!

Masa Assassin said...

Kirk - Yeah some major meat action going on

An - Yeah very good carnitas

Mike - The surtido is a very good mix, that's one of the tacos that taste as good as it looks

Bill - Thanks yeah whenever I look at the pics I crave piggy also.

Cha - Vamanos tacos!

eatingclubvancouver_js said...

Ooooh, I'm drooling over these pics! Carnitas, carnitas, carnitas, my love.

alice said...

I love this!

Byte64 said...

I recently went to the Ranch Market in Phoenix where i had tacos de buche y de carnitas, it was like a culinary orgasm!

I also remember the last visit to Guanajuato's central market, it was an unforgettable experience.


Masa Assassin said...

Hi Byte64, mmmmm Buche yes I usually hit Ranch Market when Im in Phoenix, In San Diego we have a similar market called Northgate.

Elliott said... thing of beauty...

Masa Assassin said...

Thanks Elliot :)

Anonymous said...

No gusto

yo soy vegetarina ;)

Anonymous said...

Ah Extraño los tacos de pescado de Ensenada! y que decir de las carnitas deliciooooosaaaaasssss! que ricas!

Anonymous said...

Por cierto, NUNCA he comido aqui unas carnitas que tengan el sabor de las carnitas que venden en cualquier parte de Mexico. Las carnitas que venden aqui en USA no se parecen nada a las de Mexico. Saluditos gringo, que suave que puedas andar por lugares que yo hace mucho no visito! Cuando vayas a Ensenada prueba los tacos de mantarraya, te van a encantar!

Masa Assassin said...

Muchas gracias por tu comentario. Me encantan los tacos de Mantarraya y solo los he comido en Tijuana. Saludos

Unknown said...

¡Saludos desde Salamanca, Guanajuato!
Me encontré este sabroso blog al buscar platilos típicos del Estado de Guanajuato. Da gusto constatar que las carnitas estilo Salamanca (mi tierra) son las más exquisitas. Me encantó el blog.
¡Buen provecho!